The Guide To Mending From Heartbreak


Katerina Torres

We’ve overhauled our skincare routine, our work arrangements, and our diets, all in the name of self-care, but when’s the last time you revamped how you recover from a breakup? At Mend, we’ve tapped into the science of heartbreak to create a holistic approach to mending. You don’t "just get over a breakup," you work through it. Our mission is to help you find a healthier way to recover from heartbreak free of timelines and judgments.

In this guide, we’ve outlined some of our top recommendations for mending. You can dig deeper into each tool for mending through our training content featured in the app.

Understand What's Going On

First, we'll help you understand the science of heartbreak. This will normalize what you're experiencing so that you can move forward on your mending journey without feeling shame or guilt for how the breakup is affecting you.

Cut Communication

It’s hard to think about cutting communication with your ex, but starting an ex detox is a pivotal decision for your mending. You don’t have to avoid an ex forever, you just need some space to focus on your heart. Our 60-day Ex Detox walks you through this process and our app allows you to track how long you’ve gone without contacting your ex.

Journal Daily

We built journaling into our app because it helps you organize your thoughts and feelings after a breakup and allows you to reflect on the day’s training topic. We’re also big fans of a gratitude practice, which shifts you into a positive mindset.

Track Self Care

Each day on the Mend app you’ll log your self care activities. It’s a reminder to put your self care first. Do more of the things that make you smile, feel at ease, and help you recharge. Give this time priority on your calendar too, so that you don’t end up skipping it because you get busy with everything else going on in life.

Work Towards Something

You need a goal, something to look forward to that’s all about you. This gets you to focus that post-breakup energy on something productive that excites you. We’ll talk more about Mend monuments in the app.

Connect With Loved Ones

Slipping into isolation is quite easy after a breakup. You might feel like your friends and family don’t understand the pain you’re going through, or you might not be feeling your best and rather stay at home. That’s completely understandable. However, we’re social creatures, so staying connected is really important. It doesn’t mean you accept every happy hour invite, but it does mean you’ll have to ditch the baggy t-shirt and sweats, maybe just once or twice a month? Or maybe take that post-breakup solo trip? Whatever feels good for you!

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