The Holiday Season Breakup Survival Guide


Team Mend

Breaking up around the holidays can feel like the worst time for it to happen. However, it is possible to get through the holiday and enjoy it, even if you are going through heartbreak.

Here are 5 helpful reminders to keep you going:

1. Accept That The Holiday Season Will Be Hard

Accept the breakup. It will relieve some stress and is one of the first steps to mending. It’s not about putting on a front or ignoring how you feel. Know that it’s ok to feel sad. You still have to take care of you and your heart. Treat yourself with loving compassion and care.

2. Get Involved

While you might be tempted to hunker down into hibernation mode for the entire holiday, it’s really important to be as present as you can at any gatherings with family and friends. It doesn’t mean you need to act happy all the time, it just means you need to make an effort to engage with people, even when you don’t feel like it. Attend the holiday parties and join in on conversations. Give yourself the opportunity and permission to enjoy yourself.

3. Think Of Others

We can feel incredibly lonely and isolated after a breakup. Volunteering your time to a charity or shelter can be an amazing way to give back to your community. Not only will you be helping your community, but you’ll also be able to meet new people!

4. Make A Clean Break

The holiday season tends to be a sentimental time, so you might feel the brunt of a breakup even more. Try to channel your energy into creating positive intentions for the New Year. Think about creating stronger bonds and relationships with friends and family you love. Use this time to work on your goals and redefine with who you are and what you want.

5. Create A New Tradition

Mark the holiday season with a new tradition. This can be helpful because it will help you to stop comparing this holiday to previous ones. Whether you choose to fly solo or with friends and family, your new tradition should reflect you and where you want to go.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re going through, this holiday season is the time to ground yourself and nourish yourself – be sure to slow down and recharge before the start of the new year.

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