The YouTube Playlist That’ll Help You Get Over A Breakup

It’s so complicated trying to find something to watch after your breakup. Sappy romantic movies make you long for something you don’t have. It’s hard to watch characters find their fairytale ending when you’re at a new beginning. Luckily these days we have options—like YouTube.

There are so many videos out there, from personal breakup stories to the science of heartbreak, that will help you get over a breakup. Say goodbye to cliche advice, like just let it go, and welcome some valuable tips that will actually help you do the work of moving forward.

Heartbreak is suffocating. Whether the breakup was mutual or not, losing a relationship you were invested in takes a toll on you emotionally. We replay the relationship, arguments, and good times over and over again in our heads in hopes that we’ll find answers that’ll make us feel better. It’s difficult to make sense of the pain that’s taking over when we’re in the thick of it.

That’s why we curated a YouTube playlist on our channel dedicated solely to breakup advice. This playlist will guide you through tough moments and take you on a journey towards healing. You’ll hear others’ breakup stories, and whether you relate to theirs or not, you’ll feel a little less alone and more understood. We hope you find some comfort through these videos.

Start with this 12-step program to getting over a breakup, and catch the rest of the playlist here.

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