These 5 TikTokers Will Be Your New Breakup Besties


Team Mend

Leaning on loved ones, starting therapy, and developing a mindfulness practice are some of the most talked about ways to heal after a breakup. But we’d be lying not to admit that social media, likely TikTok these days, has a role in our mending journey too, whether that’s for the best or worst. It can become a toxic playground, but it doesn’t have to be if you engage with creators who lift you up rather than pull you into the comparison game.

TikTok may have a reputation for viral choreography and cool transitions, but it’s also where you’ll find really inspiring creators who share valuable tips for getting through a painful heartbreak, help you embrace modern-day dating, and offer kindness and support for your self-love journey.

So if you’re ready to use that endless scroll for good, here are a few creators to follow:


Dr. Nicole LePera is a holistic psychologist who focuses on teaching people how to break trauma cycles. Her TikToks cover everything from the impact childhood trauma has on adults to how to have healthy relationships.


Dr. Mariel Buqué is a psychologist and trauma expert whose calming “Tea Therapy” TikToks offer insights on self-sabotage, anxiety, attachment styles, generational trauma, and a ton of other topics that come up in the therapeutic experience.


Dating and relationships are hard, but you’ll feel way more prepared thanks to the tips that therapist Jeff Guenther offers on TikToks. TherapyJeff shares questions to deepen your connection with a partner, helps you better understand green flags vs red flags, and debunks some common myths about relationships.


Jazmin Griffith got candid on TikTok about her heartbreak and quickly became everyone’s breakup bestie. Her TikToks are so relatable, she’ll never make you feel bad for feeling how you feel, but she also motivates you to want the best for yourself.


Tyler Brownne is that gentle voice and thoughtful words that validate your feelings while encouraging you to continue loving yourself through it all. Her videos are a safe space to go when you’re on your self-love journey.

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