Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Self Care


By Laura Yates

Instagram can be an amazing place to turn to when you’re in need of a healthy dose of self-care inspiration. Here is a summary of our top ten recommended accounts to follow!



Doing Well is nutritional and lifestyle guide founded by Daphne Javitch. After facing her own health challenges, Doing Well was Daphne’s way of sharing what she had learnt about using food and wellness to heal. Her instagram feed is full of ideas around how to listen to your own body and the power of doing just small things every day to make big changes. The images Daphne uses are fun, relatable and always accompanied by a caption that gets you to think introspectively or tips that you can put into place within your own life.

Alex Elle


Created by author, poet and The Hey Girl Podcast host Alexandra Elle, this instagram account shares snippets of Alexandra’s inspirational poetry. Whatever one you happen to read, it somehow always seems to be the thing you need in the moment. Her account also includes images of her life and behind the scenes, making you feel even more connected to the person behind the beautiful words.



Created by Natalie Patterson, a poet, teaching artist, speaker and President of, @natalieispoetry is a must account to follow if you’re seeking wisdom that packs a compassionate punch and with a heavy dose of sass. Including snippets of her own poetry, quotes and videos of Natalie reading her work, you instantly feel more connected to a community of likeminded soul sisters.



This instagram account is the ultimate when it comes to using nutrition, fitness and a holistic way of living to balance hormones, create inner healing, find happiness and experience abundance. Created by Lee Tilghman, her instagram account is brimming with vibrant pictures sharing her own self-care routines, recipes, fitness ideas, home decor tips and everything wellness. Lee’s fun instagram stories are also a must-watch for her ultimate wellness tips and tricks!



The instagram account of LA based blogger and podcaster Jordan Younger. When you come to Jordan’s feed, it’s like breathing a heavy sigh of relief. Jordan is all about living a balanced, soul-fed life and we’d definitely consider her a self-care and wellness goddess! Her instagram is a real behind the scenes look at the girl behind the blog, filled with recipes, yoga poses, inspiring self-care practices, her personal thoughts, tips as well as some fun lifestyle pieces in there too.



Katie Dalebout is an author, blogger, speaker and podcaster who uses her instagram account as a way of curating all the things she loves and to share her thoughts. It’s raw, real, funny and thought provoking, all with the emphasis on self-care and living a life that’s explorative, connected and ever evolving.



Created by Master Life Coach, author, speaker and podcaster Cara Alwill Leyba, this instagram account is the ultimate in glamour, sparkle and actionable feel-good advice. Cara’s aim when she started her popular blog The Champagne Diet, was to make self-help chic and her instagram account is a sassy and stylish reflection of this. A curated feed of quotes, personal wisdom, wellness and style tips and small ways to make your life sparkle (such as drinking your water from a champagne glass!), Cara is also a relatable and friendly force to be reckoned with when it comes to business advice.



Kelsey J Patel is a reiki master, meditation teacher and empowerment coach specialising in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). If you’re looking to really immerse yourself in the more spiritual side of wellness, Kelsey’s insights, advice and stunning images will make you feel a sense of peace and calm you’ve been craving. We also love Kelsey’s instagram account because it also shows how fun, playful and relatable she is!



Cleo Wade is a poet and artist, and her instagram is filled with snippets of her inspiring and thought provoking poetry. Her poems are raw, visually punchy and you can see where some words are scribbled out, reflecting her own vulnerability, thoughts and journey. Her instagram also includes personal pictures and if you’re looking for some style inspiration as a bonus, Cleo has it in abundance!



Well, we couldn’t leave our own instagram out of this list! If you need daily inspiration to stay #onthemend, make sure you're following us. Making your Instagram feed one of inspiration (instead of one of dread!) is one of the most productive ways you can use social media to help with your own healing, so definitely give these recommendations a follow.

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