Tune Into These Seven Free Events To Calm Coronavirus Nerves


Team Mend

Hope you are all hanging in there. Whether it’s been a few weeks, or a few months, you’re probably starting to feel the build up of stress and anxiety from staying at home, even if you feel like you’ve turned into a blob. The mental stress of this pandemic alone is enough to wear out your nervous system, let alone the fact that you’re probably also trying to do some combination of: work, study, cook for yourself, clean, shower, maintain relationships, stay informed and possibly live with other people without fighting.

It’s a lot! We’re not just “staying home.” We’re actually doing a lot. And that’s why the perfect antidote to “doing” is “being.” When we focus more on being, we can tune in to the present moment, relax our nervous system and activate different parts of the brain that will help us regulate mood and feel calmer.

We’re going to get through this moment in time, but it does take extra mental health support. We’ve curated some of our favorite online resources to help you through this week.

Some of these are events taking place live online or on Instagram, and others are evergreen resources available whenever you need them:

Join a virtual meditation sitting group or a virtual retreat at Spirit Rock. On Instagram: @spirit_rock

Find freedom wherever you are with Jack Kornfield. On Instagram: @jack_kornfield

Open your heart with Tara Brach. On Instagram: @tarabrach

Tune into a sound bath with meditation teacher and sound therapist Sara Auster. On Instagram: @saraauster

8 mindfulness practices specifically tailored to help with emotions around COVID-19. On Instagram: @mindfulness.exercises

Tap into self compassion with Sara Shah of Mother Yin. On Instagram: @motheryin_

Try a body scan to help you sleep (y en español!) On Instagram: @uclahealth

Join a self compassion seminar with leading self compassion researcher & expert Dr. Kristen Neff

Cope with anxiety on Insight Timer. On Instagram @insighttimer

There’s also wonderful power in a group of people coming together to meditate or practice mindfulness, especially during a time of crisis. Many meditation teachers and retreat centers are hosting virtual events via Zoom or Instagram and these are great ways to deepen your practice and build on what you’re doing on your own.

During confinement, that feeling of community is so special and important to cultivate for yourself in some form. Consider following the teachers, apps and centers shared above on Instagram so that you can tune into their live events and stay updated on their offerings. Many are offering special workshops and sessions specifically around coronavirus, and they announce on Instagram directly.

P.S. 4 things to do if you’re single during the coronavirus pandemic & how to stay sane during this pandemic.

If you could use more daily support through a breakup or divorce, you can join Mend. You can also sign up for our free class on “Staying Home: How To Support Your Mental Health During Coronavirus.”

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