Watch This Couple Share The Secrets to A 90-Year Marriage


By Katerina Torres

The United States ranks among the 10 countries with the highest divorce rates in the world, England and Wales have a 42% divorce rate. While that could leave us with a bleak outlook on marriage, we're choosing to turn our attention to this couple who was married for 90 years.

Karam and Katari Chand married in 1925 in India. Their union was an arranged marriage, and one that lasted for the long haul. With a firm focus on family, love, and peace, the couple went on to have eight children and 27 grandchildren, move to England, and live way past 100 years old.

So what does a 90-year marriage look like? And how do you make it last that long? Watch The Atlantic’s video “Secrets To The World’s Longest Marriage.”

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Katerina Torres

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