Weekend Reading: The Best of the Best Breakup Books

Self help books are great, but sometimes what you really need is a great story about a breakup, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the #1 book from 5 different breakup reading lists. Make yourself a cup of tea and dig in…

1. Him, Her, Him Again, The End of Him by Patricia Marx is #1 on CNN’s 10 Books To Read After A Break-Up

2.  In Love by Alfred Hayes is #1 of Slate’s list, The Best Breakup Books Ever Written

3. Tiny, Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed is #1 on BuzzFeed’s 19 Books That Will Get You Through Any Breakup

4. Six Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak on Oprah’s list 8 Books To Read With A Broken Heart

5. Stag’s Leap Poems by Sharon Olds is #1 on Life Hacker’s list 15 Books To Gently Heal A Broken Heart

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