What Happens To Dating During A Pandemic?


Elle Huerta

With social distancing and business closures becoming the norm around the world, most in-person dating has come to a screeching halt. But maybe it's not a bad thing? Here are two bright sides of dating (or not) during this coronavirus pandemic:

If You're Dating...You Can Take Things Slow & Get Creative

If you got connected on an app but haven't meet IRL yet, social distancing means you'll have more time to get to know the person before you start dating. Maybe you'll bond over Instagram memes or Facetime while you cook a meal together. It's not the same as meeting in person for dinner or a drink, but it certainly presents a new way to get to know someone. It's almost a little old-fashioned, except enabled by technology.

If you already met for a date or two, but now you're unable to meet in person any time soon, this is a chance to take things slow and not rely solely on chemical signals to decide if this person is right for you. Sometimes we're too quick to go down a certain path because of the presence or lack of chemistry, and we don't always focus on the things that matter: compatibility, values, commitment level, communication style. By dating from afar, you'll have time to evaluate the other things that contribute to a healthy relationship.

If You're Not Dating...Try To Enjoy The Pause

With all the concern around coronavirus, there's no pressure to date right now. So if you're used to friends or family telling you to "get out there" enjoy the break from hearing this kind of advice. In fact, social distancing is the perfect excuse not to date. Getting together in person is a risk (in some places, it's simply not allowed), and a lot of people are too preoccupied right now to prioritize dating anyway.

So let go of any guilt you've felt about not dating, or any pressure you feel to stick to a timeline, and redirect that time into keeping yourself healthy and taking care of yourself. Just think of all the hours you'll save from not swiping for a couple of weeks.

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