What to Do When Someone Doesn’t Love You Enough

Sometimes the hardest thing to accept about a relationship is that there’s nothing you can do to change the other person’s feelings about you. No matter what you’ve said, how long it’s been, the great times you’ve shared, you still don’t feel that the other person loves you enough. Or at all. Or in the way that you need. Something is amiss. You know it in your core.

A relationship is a two-way street. True, healthy love is mutual.

This is a scary realization, and it’s one that we often like to ignore at the expense of our own long-term happiness. Luckily, we are not alone. Many people have been there and will be there. Many people will have the strength to say goodbye, as painful as it is, and open themselves up for something greater. We hope you do too. Here are some thoughts to keep you strong.

Kelsey reminds us Don’t Ever Settle For Less Than What You Deserve (Thought Catalog)

Samuel’s advice on How to Get Over Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back (Thought Catalog)

Monica on how to know When It’s Time to Call It Quits (Verily)

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