Why You Might Want to Throw A Divorce Party


Ade Holder

You may or may not be familiar with the concept of a divorce party. It's a very rapidly growing trend, and, in many ways, for good reason. The idea is simple: you celebrate your wedding as the start of a new part of your life with someone, so why not celebrate a divorce as another new beginning? Some people think it is like celebrating a death in the family, but in many cases, a divorce is the best thing for all parties and can be a very positive thing as people grow and move on. Celebrating a fresh start is certainly nothing to scoff at!

There are no rules for throwing a divorce party. The details are up to the host's taste. You can go the more serious route and allow the party to reflect the maturity you've gained over the years. Welcome guests with savory foods, tasty treats, and maybe even set up a mobile cocktail bar with divorce-themed drinks. You could also opt for a fun and flirty celebration where you play some sex-themed games à la bachelorette party. Whichever direction you choose, a divorce party should be about confidence and aboutcelebrating breaking away from perhaps a less than ideal situation.

One thing to note is that the theme (or fun) of the party should never revolve around the other person involved in the divorce. Choosing to highlight the other half of the relationship might not be constructive. The purpose of the party is to celebrate independence and empowerment, not to rehash old wounds.

There are lots of reasons why this kind of celebration is a good idea and they depend on the type of people involved and the type of marriage. Many of us are guilty of needing closure after the end of a relationship. We need to officially finish something before we can really start anything else. Marriage starts with so much energy, so it's very sad, and perhaps not healthy, to just let that end without any kind of celebration. By looking back fondly at the good bits, it can help close that chapter for you so you can move forward.

For those lucky people that manage to break up and still remain friends, a divorce party can be a great way to celebrate the good times with friends and family. It allows them to make a clear statement to those people that both parties treasure their friendships and hope to carry them on regardless of the marriage's end. This is an ideal situation to throw a joint divorce party.

In reality, by the time some admit their marriage is ending things have gotten pretty bad in their relationship, so the majority of divorce parties will be one partner or the other having a party on their own. This kind of party can be about celebrating a fresh start and having a little look back at some good times. But it can also be about being free from an unhealthy relationship. Some people come out of marriages after 10, 15, 20+ years and as such have very little idea of what lays ahead as a single, independent person. A divorce party can be a great time stamp for starting new. It's a great way to show friends and family they are ready for the world and ready to embrace whatever it has to offer.

There are, of course, some cases where a party might not be such a good idea, which is why if you want to throw someone else a divorce party, it is always a good idea to check in with them first. You don't want to surprise anyone with a divorce party, as some marriages may have ended in a lot of hurt for one party and a surprise of this nature could do more harm for them than good.

There is no doubt that for a lot of people a divorce party can be a very healthy thing to do. Whether it is a fun and funky party with drinks and some naughty party games or it’s a more toned down celebration of independence, it is an idea worth exploring as you look to move on from that part of your life.

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