Why You Should Be Body Brushing and Ice Rolling Post-Breakup


Laura Yates

During difficult times, self care goes a long way. Whether you're going through a breakup, a rough patch in your relationship, or just feeling stressed out, here are a few self care practices to bring some comfort and coziness into your life.

1. Dry Body Brushing

Dry brushing the skin before showering is a wonderfully uplifting and therapeutic beauty practice that you can easily do at home.It’s rejuvenating, exfoliating and helps you feel instantly revived because it helps the lymphatic system. Brushing the skin regularly helps stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body and helps the body detoxify itself naturally.

Tip:1:The best way to dry brush is to brush towards the heart (you could also incorporate a mindfulness practice with the dry brushing by sending love and healing to the heart), starting at the feet and hands and brushing toward the chest.

Tip #2: Dry brush in the morning to kickstart circulation and give you a natural energy boost.

Tip #3:The best type of dry brush is a firm, natural bristle brush with a handle so that you can easily reach your back and down your legs.

2. Ice Rolling

Ice rolling is a trusty pick-me-up for post breakup tears and lack of sleep. It primes your face for makeup, reduces puffiness and pores, lifts the face and minimizes redness and signs of fatigue. Plus, it instantly makes you feel more ‘awake’. All you need to do is keep it in the freezer and use it in the morning or when your face needs a perk up! We recommend this one from Amazon.

3. Collagen Eye Pads

If you've had some sleepless nights, collagen eye pads can be used when you wake up to kick start your day. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and it’s what gives your skin its strength, smoothness and elasticity.

There are many brands out there for varying budgets but these soothing cucumber infused ones have a lovely, fresh scent we like.

4. Clay Baths

Benetton clay is amazing for cleansing the body of toxins and reducing stress. It's best to have your bath before bed time as it also helps to prime you for sleep. Just mix 3/4 of a cup of clay (there are many available on Amazon) using a wooden spoon in a small amount of water until it's as clump free as possible. Add the clay mix to your bath and relax in there for around 20 - 30 minutes. For a sense of calm and tranquility, you can add in a few drops of lavender essential oil. If you don't have a bath in your home, you can also do a foot bath using Benetton clay, which still helps with detoxing.

5. Hydrate!

Probably one of the easiest, most affordable and effective self-care practices out there. Drinking more water will offer you all kinds of benefits. Your mind will feel less fuzzy, you'll have more energy, it will improve your digestion and your skin will glow! Aim for around 2 liters a day if you can and see how much better you feel!

Have you tried any of these? What are your favorite self care practices?

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