A Single Summer Bucket List


Katerina Torres

Are you single this summer?

Great! You can join me as I make my way down my Single Summer Bucket List.

Unlike other bucket lists that are focused on adventures or quick-hitting thrills, this list is designed especially for people who have the freedom to take their time and linger in a way that’s really only possible when you’re single. I hope it brings you some joy and peace this summer.

Perform a summer equinox ritual.

On the first day of summer, June 21, schedule some ritual time to start summer on your own terms. Whether it’s making your favorite meal, burning some sage or changing your bedding to something lighter, get yourself ready for the season!

Take yourself to a weekend matinee and bring breakfast in your bag.

There is nothing more luxurious than a movie theater practically to yourself on a weekend morning, with your favorite coffee and pastry tucked away, waiting to be devoured. Bonus if you get there early and catch all of the previews. Matinees are not meant to be rushed.

Take yourself on a long walk outside (for more than an hour).

Walks are underrated, and long walks are particularly underrated. Follow the advice of John Muir and “go in.”

Try Shinrin-Yoko.

Shinrin-yogo, forest bathing, is a Japanese practice of spending time in nature and it touts a lot of benefits. Carve out some time to practice it for yourself.

Go to an outdoor concert by yourself.

Many cities have outdoor concert series in the summer that are free or very affordable. Find something that you’d usually bring a friend or a date to, and take yourself solo. Grab dinner beforehand and bring a blanket. Bonus: there will be no one shouting directly into your ear all night!

Detox from your phone for a weekend.

Spend one weekend off your phone and see how you feel at the end. What was the hardest part? What were the best parts? How can you incorporate more detox time from your phone into daily life?

Read a book one chapter at a time.

With so much content flowing into our brains every single second, it’s hard to make time to sit down and read a full chapter of a book without being interrupted by your phone…but summer is the best time to do this. Instead of reading a few pages here and there, the goal here is to read one full chapter from start to finish. See how good it feels to finish something!

Attempt a challenge.

For some it’s a hike while for others it’s spoken word, whatever it is that pushes you out of your comfort zone, try it. Nothing will make you feel more alive than taking on a challenge. You don’t have to rush into it. Maybe you spend the summer taking small steps toward the bigger goal, but one thing is certain—checking it off will make you feel alive.

Plan a solo vacation.

Whether it’s a day trip you want to take in the fall or a longer trip you plan to take around the holidays, carve out some time and do some research about where you want to go and what you want to do. We often plan things so last minute because we can (thanks to Airbnb and travel apps), but there’s also something special about the anticipation and excitement leading up to a trip, especially when you get to do exactly what you want to do.

Learn how to make a signature dish for one.

Meal prep companies have become so popular lately, but what about taking the time to actually learn how to make something you love so you can make it on the regular? Suggestions for summer: frittata with asparagus, pad thai, or tacos.

What would you add to the list?

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