The Coach's Companion

A new way to support your clients between sessions


Support your clients by becoming a friend of Mend.

  • Offer clients a lifetime access pass to Mend's self-paced program which will be a supportive guide on their journey inward in between sessions.
  • Equip your clients with the tools for inner self-care so they can better help themselves as they recover from burnout or mend from a heartbreak.
  • Add a valuable bonus to your sessions or packages by offering access to Mend’s evidence-based programs developed by therapists and other wellness experts.

Burnout has become a mental health crisis.

Burnout has been the subject of research for almost 50 years. In the 1970’s two psychologists, Dr. Christina Maslach and Dr. Herbert Freudenberger, began studying burnout in caregivers and their research made burnout a household term. The Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) remains the gold standard for assessing burnout. 

In 2018, burnout was officially recognized by the World Health Organization as an occupational phenomenon brought on by workplace stress and characterized by three traits: exhaustion, cynicism and lack of efficacy. 

Further research has shown that burnout causes neuroendocrine disruption and neurological disfunction. The effects on the brain include reduced gray matter, difficulty controlling strong emotional responses, impaired cognition, impaired memory and impaired attention.

Support for someone who's burned out

Healing burnout requires compassionate support, and that's precisely what Mend’s holistic program will provide. In this evidence-based program, clients will gain a better understanding of why they’re burned out, how to address their symptoms of burnout, and how to prevent a period of burnout from happening again in the future. They'll learn research-backed strategies and practices, including mindfulness exercises that are specifically designed for the burned-out brain and body.

Heartbreak can be a catalyst for growth.

If you let it.

When in the throughs of heartbreak it can be hard to see it as anything other than a failure, a massive loss, the death of a future. It's normal for these feelings to come up for anyone going through a breakup. With compassionate support, they can work through the ebbs and flows of heartbreak, cope with the "what ifs" and "what now" thoughts, get unstuck, and turn this breakup into a breakthrough.

Support for mending from heartbreak

Everyone has a well of wisdom within them, and sometimes they need support to tap into that. Mend’s compassionate and comprehensive breakup program pulls together the most effective tools from psychology, mindfulness, coaching, nutrition, and scientific research to support the journey of mending from heartbreak. Our signature program includes 390+ audio trainings and journal prompts, two ebooks, and additional resources to help your clients get on the mend.

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Frequently asked questions

What do will clients need to access the class?

Internet connection and a way to listen to audio trainings (headphones or your laptop/computer speakers).

When does the class begin?

Whenever you decide! This is a self-paced class that you can begin and end whenever you’re ready, and you can come back and review lectures whenever you need.

What’s the refund policy?

We don’t offer refunds on The Coach's Companion, so we recommend that you read through the program description material in detail to make sure this will meet your needs.

How much does The Coach's Companion cost?

Your investment in The Coach's Companion depends on how many seats you're interested in purchasing for clients. Once you've submitted your interest form, someone from Team Mend will reach out with more details and work with you to create the package that best fits your needs.

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