4 Ways to Make New Friends After A Breakup


By Katerina Torres

One of the most difficult parts after a breakup is managing friendships. For those who’ve just ended a long-term relationship, it can be especially hard, given that social circles start to blend the longer you’re together. Figuring out who gets the friends after a breakup or how you’ll navigate maintaining mutual friends with your ex is stressful. And while you might still want to nurture those relationships, now is the perfect time to build your own friendships, ones that are free of reminders, mentions, or unexpected appearances by your ex.

New friendships offer a fresh perspective and a way to open your mind and heart to new things. Your new friends might encourage you to travel the world, ditch the job you hate to pursue the career you’ll love, or to try new activities you never considered before--skydiving anyone? However, building new friendships as an adult feels like so much work. But it’s not impossible, and thanks to the many ways technology continues to advance, every day there are new ways to meet people.

If finding a new crew of your own will assist you in your healing process, here’s how to get started.

Take on a new hobby that will force you to get out of the house.

After a breakup, you’re working on creating a new life for yourself, and that includes exploring your interests. Take on a new hobby that involves you leaving the house, such as joining a book club or taking some cooking classes. These will allow you to socialize with people who you already share a common interest. Plus, you’re learning something new and adding to your routine, which will keep you busy and feeling productive.

Find some fitness friends.

Workout classes or outdoor activities are a great way for you to connect with others. Not only are you meeting new people who enjoy the same workouts as you, but you’re also doing something that’s good for your wellbeing. Those post-workout endorphins will boost your mood too.

Use apps to connect with people in your area.

Apps like Bumble BFF, Meetup, and Hey! Vina are valuable tools to help you create your new network of friends. Meetup shows you events related to particular interests so you can join in on the fun. Bumble BFF and Hey! Vina allow you to fill out profiles that share your interests and photos, and function much like the dating apps.

Join community organizations.

You can also make some friends while getting involved in your community. Whether it’s a cultural center, religious institution, wellness space, or non-profit, whichever of these peaks your interest is a great place to meet like-minded individuals in your community. Bonus: Doing something that betters your community will fill your heart with joy.

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Katerina Torres

Kat is a contributing writer. When she’s not cooking up new vegan recipes, she’s binge-watching way too much TV. Her goal is to be your daily dose of positivity, whether through her writing, videos, or social media posts. You can watch her share bite-sized wellness tips in her video series called Tub Talks.

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