Elle Talks Heartbreak History, Starting Mend, And More On ‘That’s What She Said’ Podcast

Get ready to get up close and personal with Elle in the most recent episode of “That’s What She Said,” a podcast by Therese Barbato where she has conversations with women about love.

When she recently joined “That’s What She Said” podcast as a guest, Elle got personal about her own background and current love life. In the episode, she talks about how she’s always been fascinated by people, opens up about her parents’ divorce, and even discusses the break up that started it all. The history and science that she cites answer interesting questions, like what coping mechanisms she used before building Mend, what coping mechanisms you need instead, and why older couples pass away in eerily close time proximity to each other.

In the second half of the conversation, Elle and Therese talk about whether or not to wallow after a breakup, the dangers of “sharking” (which means to always move forward and never look back), the birth of Mend, and how her own app actually helped her through a breakup earlier this year. If you’ve ever wondered why our culture likes to hide heartbreak, how to know when you’re in a peak relationship that helps you transcend into the best you, and what people have inspired Elle’s education on romance, this is for you.

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