Emily Kinney Talks Breakups And Heartbreak


Candice Lim

We're always working to help you find new ways of mending. We  started Mend  as a newsletter, which evolved into our website and later our app.

Now, we're excited to launch our new podcast "On The Mend," where we explore how people get on the mend and stay on the mend during difficult times. "On The Mend' is hosted by our founder and CEO Elle Huerta. In each episode, Elle interviews guests about their mending story, extracting intimate stories and practical advice that you can weave into your own life. If you're a fan of Elle's other podcast, Love Is Like A Plant, you are going to love OTM.

We’re so lucky to start off this season of "On The Mend" with Emily Kinney in Episode 1. You may know her as Beth from "The Walking Dead" or from her music (when she sang "Oh, Jonathan" to us we seriously got the goosebumps), but did you know she was also an OG Mender? Emily has been mending with us since we were a newsletter!

We sat down with Emily (on her birthday!) to discuss her past relationships, her breakups, the lessons she learned in her twenties, how she takes care of herself and what inspired the songs on her new album "Oh, Jonathan." In this episode, she takes us through her early heartbreaks and into her dating days in New York. She provides valuable insight on how to channel your energy post-breakup and how to maintain some balance when you're an artist. We're sure you're going to love every bit of it.

Her new album "Oh Jonathan," a beautiful record of love and heartbreak, is out now and you can find it on iTunes and Spotify. You can also get tickets to see her live. To see behind-the-scenes footage from the episode, be sure to follow @letsmend and @ellenhuerta on Instagram.

You can listen to "On The Mend" on SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts. We’re so excited to bring you an entire season of great episodes full of life-affirming advice and stories to help you mend. Listen to the episode here.

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