What To Change In Your Bedroom After A Breakup


Katerina Torres

I always paint a room after a breakup. Whether it’s my bedroom or the bathroom or any other room in the house that doesn’t actually need painting but will get a fresh coat anyway, it’s become a thing I do. It’s therapeutic to cover a wall in a different color, to breathe new life into a room. Plus, once you pick up the paint roller and get started, it’s a project that will keep you occupied a full day, if not longer. But painting isn’t the only home improvement project to take on after a breakup. Sometimes your bedroom needs a complete overhaul.

The bedroom is where you rest, where you go to seek peaceful sleep, and where you want to feel the ultimate sense of relaxation at the end of a long day. And after a breakup, a bedroom can often become your refuge. It’s where you curl up to cry alone, where you spend an entire weekend in pajamas watching old seasons of "Grey’s Anatomy," and where you do most of your post-breakup recovery. For these reasons, your bedroom should also evoke positivity. If you’re ready to make your bedroom the post-breakup sanctuary you need it to be, full of mood-boosting elements, follow these tips.

The Walls

Plain white walls can be calming, but for added serenity paint your bedroom walls a light blue-grey. Blue incites thoughts of the sky and the ocean, which can be extremely soothing. Sometimes you don’t necessarily want to relax, maybe you want an energetic and uplifting color. For that, go with a bright yellow or orange.

The Bedding

Don’t you want to transport yourself to the most luxurious vacation you ever took? Recall those memories by getting all white bedding, just like the best hotels. If there’s any part of the decor you should splurge on it’s the bedding, that’s what you’ll physically enjoy the most. People are often afraid of all white bedding for fear of staining them, but they’re actually easy maintenance since you can bleach them in the wash. Go for a fluffy comforter, mix fabrics, and get lots of plush pillows.

Invest in a weighted blanket if your nights are rough, you suffer from anxiety or insomnia, or you just want to feel hugged. Its benefits have been proven.

Bring In The Greenery

You need a pet plant. Adding a touch of greenery to your bedroom will help improve the room’s air quality, and, in case we haven’t mentioned it enough, the sight of nature has mood-boosting effects.

Add Touches of Love

Be wise with your decor choices by picking items that bring you love—like framed photos of memories with friends and family that you truly cherish. Do you have a candle scent that takes you back to good times? Get that! Maybe you even have an award you won that means a lot to you, don’t be afraid to showcase it. The point is for you to have beautiful but also meaningful items to look at when you’re in there.

Tackle The Clutter

In order for your bedroom to be a relaxing oasis, you have to get rid of the excess stuff laying around. It’s the perfect time to rid yourself of your ex’s things that may still be there. As for the rest of your stuff, apply the Marie Kondo method and ask yourself does this bring me joy? If not, to the trash it goes!

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