A New Mending Experience To Overcome Dating Burnout


Team Mend

We know navigating the world of modern dating can be overwhelming. It’s easier than ever to meet people and casually date, yet, finding the relationship you’re looking for hasn’t gotten easier. If cultivating meaningful connections feels impossible these days and you’re ready to completely give up dating, you’re likely experiencing dating burnout. 

-Some other signs of dating fatigue are:

-Thinking mostly negative thoughts about dating.

-Believing generalizations made about all single people.

-Deleting and redownloading dating apps over and over.

-Dreading dates because you’ve been disappointed too many times.

-Feeling hopeless and cynical about finding the healthy relationship you’re looking for.

But what if you could actually enjoy dating again? What if you felt prepared for the ups and downs that dating will inevitably throw your way? What if you learned the best ways to take care of yourself, whether you’re single, dating, or in a relationship? What if you learned how to detach from the outcome so you can enjoy the journey?

We developed our newest program Swiped Out to address dating burnout and get you back to enjoying the journey.

How will Swiped Out help you?

Swiped Out isn’t about teaching you how to “work” the apps or play games, it’s not about making you feel like you have to reach a certain level of healing in order to attract a healthy relationship, it’s not about shaming you for wanting what your heart desires. 

This 12-week holistic program tackles dating burnout in a compassionate and sustainable way. Over the course of three modules, you’ll understand how you got to experiencing dating burnout, reconnect with yourself to tap into the healing wisdom within, and learn how to approach dating from an empowered state. 

What's Inside the Swiped Out Toolbox?

🧘 Guided Self-Discovery: Unlock the wisdom within. Swiped Out guides you through exercises in self-reflection, helping you understand your limiting beliefs, dating patterns, and how to best care for yourself.

🌟 Mindful Dating Practices: Dive into mindfulness techniques that will transform the way you approach dating. Say goodbye to overthinking and hello to being in the present moment!

If you’re ready to rediscover the joy in dating, swipe right on Swiped Out. We look forward to seeing you inside the program. To learn more about Swiped Out, visit the program page and browse the course curriculum here.

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