A New Way To Mend From Heartbreak


Team Mend

Mending heartbreak doesn't have a quick fix. There's no solution to magically forget about your ex or the memories that you shared. Unfortunately, there’s no way around the pain of a breakup. You can, however, mend in a healthier way, one that helps you feel better faster. That’s what we at Mend call the journey inward because within you exists all of the wisdom you’re searching for.

The Mend app has supported that journey inward since we launched, helping Menders feel better 58% faster. Our app guides Menders through the mending journey one training at a time. Over the years, some of the most common feature requests we’ve heard included the ability to listen to more trainings a day, and to allow Menders more choice on which trainings they’re delivered. To do the latter, we added an app feature to allow you to select weekly themes to focus on. Still, that didn’t resolve the desire to have access to more training content at once.

Team Mend has been working hard to change that.

How To Mend From Heartbreak, the program that’s helped so much Menders around the world who’ve subscribed to the Mend app, is now available in full, self-paced, and on-demand! This program includes 390+ audio trainings and journal prompts, two ebooks, and other resources for mending. All of these trainings were developed by wellness, mindfulness, and mental health experts.

We’ve organized the program in modules to make it easy to find a training that falls within a certain theme.  You can follow the program start to finish, or curate your own experience based on your daily needs. The mending journey is truly in your hands.

We can’t wait for you to dive into the program and experience the positive shifts in your life as you mend.

To learn more and start mending, click here.

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