The Year In Mending 2022


Team Mend

So much has changed over the last two years, from how we work and do school to what we’ve come to value most. The pandemic flipped our lives upside down, and our relationships weren't immune to its impact. Now, two years removed from the first word of a lockdown, we’ve resumed parts of our pre-pandemic lives, like traveling, returning to the office, and attending events to name a few. So has anything changed when it comes to breakups? We definitely noticed some interesting new trends emerge this year.

Take a look at The Year In Mending 2022:

Commitment is ousted as the top breakup reason.

For years commitment remained steady as the top reason for breaking up, as reported by Menders. However, this year that changed. Emotionally Unavailable was the number one reason for Menders’ breakups in 2022.

Menders are embracing the love within.

Letting Go, Heartbreak, and Being Single continue to be the top three training themes selected, with Self Love and Obsessive Thinking rounding out the top five. We’re happy to see Menders embrace self love and seek support through their season of singleness. If you’re struggling with rumination, know that many Menders are right there with you. Here’s how therapy can help after a breakup.

Self care was not a solo practice.

After going for long stretches without seeing loved ones, practicing social distancing, and not being able to enjoy activities in large crowds, it’s no surprise that Being Social, Getting Outside, and Hugs are among the top five self care activities Menders logged this year. Hydrating and Exercising are up there too.

The cities with the most Menders.

These are the top 10 cities mending around the world:

  1. New York
  2. Los Angeles
  3. San Francisco
  4. Chicago
  5. Seattle
  6. Washington DC
  7. Berlin
  8. London
  9. Sydney
  10. Vienna

Bracing for the holidays.

More Menders completed trainings in October than in any other month of the year, which coincides with the spike in breakups before the holidays, often referred to as “Turkey Drop.” If you’re going through a breakup over the holidays, we know how hard that can be. Remember that you don’t have to go through it alone. Here are some tips for getting through the holidays when you’re heartbroken.

We launched an on-demand Heartbreak Program.

For the first time, we unlocked on-demand access to our complete library of heartbreak content when we launched the online program How To Mend From Heartbreak. The program offers Menders more control over their mending journey by allowing them to curate their experience and listen to multiple audio trainings at once or take it one day at a time.

Our website got a refresh.

And our blog got a new name: The Well. The timeline on the new About page is a Team Mend fave. But our real focus was making sure the blog pages were clean and easy to read. We hope you like the changes as much as we do!

We’re on TikTok and Reels.

We’ve embraced short-form video content as a way to share more supportive content for those going through heartbreak and burnout. Don’t forget to follow us for research-backed tips on mending.

Mend Away Retreats are back!

We announced the first Mend Away retreat since 2020 and can’t wait to meet some of you at Mend Away Portugal 2023. If you’re booking your 2023 travel, you won’t want to miss this trip! You’ll experience 7-days of yoga, meditation, group coaching, good eats, getting to know amazing like-minded Menders, and plenty of solo time to explore the Alentejo Region of Portugal and enjoy everything our retreat home Cocoon has to offer.

We’re so grateful for each of you that's allowed us to be part of your mending journey. As we get ready to welcome a new year, we want to celebrate you and every small win you had this year. Use the #theyearinmending to share your year in mending with us! We're excited to keep cheering you on.

In 2023, we wish you peace, new adventures, and the space to continue the journey inward.

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