Mend's 2019 Year In Review


Team Mend

Before we enter this new decade, we took a moment to reflect on the year at Mend. Here's a look at 2019:

We reached new countries this year! We're now in 224 recognized countries and territories (up from 195 in 2018).

Among these Menders, 290 languages are spoken (up from 81 in 2018). Our top three languages spoken by Menders were: English, German and French.

For the second year in a row, London, LA and Chicago were our top 3 cities respectively. We made a splash in Australia, with two of our new top 10 cities being Sydney and Melbourne. Washington DC was the only new US city in the top 10 (maybe not surprising given all the political heartbreak this year, wink wink.)

If you were wondering what other Menders were up to, the top training themes selected in 2019 were: Letting Go, Being Single and Heartbreak. So if you found yourself struggling with letting go this year, know that you were not alone (it was also the top theme last year as well).

Menders did a great job of taking care of themselves this year and the top self care activities logged were: going outside, being social and hydrating. These three are the perfect recipe to lift your mood if you’re feeling lonely during the holidays.

Sundays maintained their spot as the most active Mending day, and the top breakup reasons were the same we saw in 2018: I Don’t Know, Commitment and Incompatible Lifestyle. ICYMI, we had two new breakup reasons launch this year: Emotional Unavailability and Communication.

And just for fun - in case you were wondering, the most googled breakup in 2019 in the US was Miley and Liam, followed by Lili and Cole, which just proves that stars really are just like us.

2019 was also a year of growth at Mend in terms of how we’re supporting people. We launched Mend in Spanish, Mend Classes, our new Mend Community and Mend Away. Our focus this year was growing sustainably in a way that is healthy for both our users and our business.

We feel so grateful for you as we close this decade. Thanks for being our inspiration. Thank you for being open-hearted. Thank you for sharing with us.

We're wishing you peace as this year closes and we begin a new one. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

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