Mend With Us IRL At Our First Mend Away Experience: A Breakup Retreat


Elle Huerta

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I will never forget the way I felt on my very first post-breakup trip. It was 9 years ago, and I was heartbroken over a rocky relationship that was in the off-again phase. My friend had received a Groupon deal (remember them?) for a spa weekend at a Vermont B&B, and we booked it on a whim. We were both wrestling with tenuous relationships, as seems to be in vogue in your twenties, and my friend thought some nature and space would be a good distraction.

I don’t remember a lot of the details, but I remember a few things about how that weekend made me feel - I remember feeling brief moments of relief as we made our way further out of the city of Boston and into nature, away from our ordinary routines. It was fall when we went, and I remember feeling gratitude for the beautiful foliage I could see from the car window as we blasted music (scream therapy). I also remember being moved to tears as the bottled-up emotions left my body during a massage.

Above all, I remember feeling the quality and depth of the bond my friend and I cultivated on that trip. I remember how it felt to be able to have long conversations with each other, over Bananagrams, and how special it was that we had created this safe space to mourn, reassess and reconnect with ourselves away from all distractions.

Since then, I’ve taken many post-breakup trips—yoga retreats, meditation retreats, staycations, far away adventures. Of course, none of these trips were designed specifically for heartbreak, but that was my secret reason for going. Each trip has provided important support during a transitional time and I treasure these moments I’ve created for myself over the past decade.

I’ve always wanted to help Menders have these moments as well, which is why I’m so excited about Mend Away, something I’ve been dreaming about for years.

This fall we’re partnering with our friends at Behere for our very first Mend Away experience called Self where 12 female-identifying Menders will come together from all corners of the world to live, work, play, and Mend abroad in Barcelona (October 2019).

We’ve partnered with Behere because we truly believe in their mission to support people who want to live, travel, and work abroad. We’ve worked closely with them to put together a special experience that Menders won’t forget!

Self is an experience with intention, meant to support Menders wherever they are on their mending journey. We’ve worked closely with Behere to create wellness programming that will help you reconnect with and rebuild yourself.

The experience includes a fully furnished apartment to call home for 30 days, in a neighborhood vetted by our partner Behere. Access to a bright, airy, and modern coworking space is also included in your experience. We’ll offer group outings, but there will also be plenty of unstructured time for you to go sightseeing on your own.

The most unique part of our experience will be felt through all of the self care activities built into Self . You’ll be offered yoga classes, meditation sessions, and two workshop tracks: Breakup Support or Finding Love, among other wellness programming.

I look forward to welcoming you in Barcelona!

All the best,


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